"First off, I want to say how great it is to have
made a new friend. You and your family are a true
blessing when it comes to making people like me
and my son feel right at home. Oh by the way, the
huntin'...ain't bad either. Your birds and shooting
blinds made it a true pleasure to get up on a cold
morning.  I would highly recommend Skeeter
Branch to all of my friends, especially those who
love good action and great hospitality.  I can't wait
to get
back and shoot my limit of birds. Good hunting to
Jeff Hammond
Fox Sports Nascar Analyst
Mooresville, N

"I have traveled to eight states and two
countries to hunt ducks. I am glad to say that I
do not have to leave the state of Georgia for
great duck hunting anymore! My brother and I
had the pleasure to hunt with Bob last month
and had a great time and hunt. These ducks
acted as wild as any ducks I have hunted.  The
lodge and food was perfect, and I cannot say
enough about Bob and his family. They treated
us like friends and I will be back. Again you do
not have to pay big money for a hunt of a
Rick Cobler
Marietta, GA

"North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota,
Wisconsin, Tennessee and Louisiana-my
search for ducks was futile in 2004-2005,
except at Cathey's ranch, Skeeter Branch. If
you enjoy a social hunt with fine
accommodations, food and unbelievable
customer service, you will not be
disappointed. My cautious single hunter
commitment in November, blossomed into
four visits involving over twenty men.  Not a
single person was disappointed and Bob and
family made the experience special.
Dr. Timothy J. Giannoni
Sandy Springs, GA

"I have hunted ducks all over the
world, and your hunt was among the
best ever. The accommodations were
outstanding, and the food was
fantastic. I'll be back as many times as
you will allow me to come.
Trummie L. Patrick
Roswell, GA

"What a hunt...my son had a first
impression of duck hunting that
will last him a lifetime. Thank you
for creating an environment that
encourages the next generation of
hunters to enjoy the outdoors. He
could not quit talking about the
fun he had at Mr. Cathey's farm.
We will be back to enjoy more
great food, fellowship and
incredible Georgia duck hunting."
Kirk Driskell
Alpharetta, GA  

"Mr. Cathey, I've been on a lot
of duck hunts that were
supposed to be good, but this
was the first one that really
  Brad Scott                   
Clemson Offensive Line Coach
Dear Bob and Leila,
I had a great time hunting ducks.  When my Dad told me we were going duck hunting, I was instantly excited.
I waited impatiently and when the day came, we left early that afternoon. When we arrived at Skeeter
Branch,  It was amazing, ducks flying overhead,  hundreds of ducks on the ponds, and Baley, food, and great
hunting. The whole time you are there, you feel as if people are instantly your friend. While you are there, even
if you don't hunt it is still worth the trip for the scenery.  No one will ever have to beg me to come back to
Skeeter Branch. It is one of the most amazing places I have been. Thank you for a great hunt.
Your friend,
Frank Richardson
Tallahassee, FL
"I've been chasing ducks since the mid 1970's and
have had the pleasure of watching the sun rise from
Rock Island blinds in Ontario, from layout boats on
the Great Lakes and from flooded timber and rice
field pit blinds in Ohio, Arkansas and Louisiana.
I was both surprised and delighted at the quality of
the operation, the realistic hunting conditions and
the excellent customer service that Bob and Daniel
provide at Skeeter Branch. Each outing resembles a
great "opening day" experience, with hard flying
mallards that demand the hunters behave as duck
hunters should. Treat yourself to the best. Hunt
Skeeter Branch!"
John Jankowski
Columbus, Ohio

"For the past four years, I have experienced some of the finest duck hunting at Skeeter
Branch Hunting Preserve that I have ever had. This could possibly be the best "free-flight"  
release program on the East Coast. Over the past 40 years, I have hunted ducks from
Alaska, the rice fields of the Northern Sacramento Valley to Lake Mattamuskeet and all
areas in between and I find Skeeter Branch equal in all ways. The fact that you are going to
have good shooting on every hunt, it's an ideal situation for training and putting the finishing
touches on your favorite hunting dog. The camaraderie of every hunt continues in the rebuilt
1800's log house with everyone reliving the morning's hunt and enjoying the great breakfast
prepared by Sarah. The cost of traveling to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi or any place to
hunt ducks will far exceed the daily hunt fees you will pay to experience this quality of duck
hunt. I want to thank Bob and Daniel for all the work that they have done to bring this
experience to Northern Georgia."
Paul Moore
Greenville, SC
Bob and Daniel,
It would be remiss if I did not both thank and compliment you for providing such a
great experience at SKEETER BRANCH.  Ducks flew and the meals and
accomodations were great, but the hospitality even
better !  The experience made
me turn back the clock 50 yrs when growing up on my beloved eastern shore when
hunters were invited into your homes as friends.  My late father and favorite uncle
would have both said, "This is how it's supposed to be",... and it is, at SKEETER
  Kirk Patchel, Chesapeake City, MD                                    

"Bob, I wanted to express my appreciation to you,
Dan, your wife and your staff for a wonderful evening
last night and a first class hunt this morning. In my
lifetime, I have been blessed to hunt from Maine to
known plantations of the South for quail, the flooded
timber of Arkansas and the rice fields of Mississippi
and Louisiana for ducks and the coastal plains of
Texas for geese and ducks. I would say that our
Skeeter Branch experience was every bit as good as
any of these hunts. Yours in truly a quality operation
run by some of the nicest people I have ever met. My
grandsons left on Cloud 9 and cannot wait to come
back. The same holds true for their dad and me as well.
Thanks for a great time!"
Ken Evans
Dear Mr. Bob and Daniel:
I want to thank you both for a Duck Hunt of a Lifetime.  This was an unbelievable
Duck Hunting Experience.  Skeeter Branch will be the first and only place I
recommend to my serious duck hunting friends.  I've lived in Lexington, South
Carolina all my life and around here it is known as God's country.  Well I've found
another piece of God's country at Skeeter Branch.  The Duck Hunting was amazing
from the flooded corn fields to the clouds of ducks in the sky.  Just Awesome!!  If
there is a Hunting Preserve rating scale, Skeeter Branch is 5 Star all the way.  From
the food and lodging, to the finest Southern Hospitality and Fellowship I've
experienced.  I hope to be back real soon.
Thanks Again,
Shawn Hutchins
Lexington, South Carolina
The Cathey family will do everything in their power to
ensure that you have a memorable hunting experience at
Skeeter Branch. You may come as a "client", but you'll
leave as a Friend.  This is a duck hunter's paradise! My
first hunt at
SB was 2 years ago, my last hunt this past
season was my 20th "duck hunt of a lifetime!".
Larry Elam
Chattanooga, Tennessee